16 July 2008

Midsummer Musings

Last night was not my night. If you wondered, which you probably didn't, I thought I'd let you know that I lost the Scrabble game. Don't act so surprised, I alway lose. You know that and I know that.

But, happier news. Today is Wednesday, July 16, 2008. Which means a couple of things:

1. We've been through over half of the seventh month of the year. Meaning 62.5% of the year is over. Ask me how I feel about that...
2. I'm going to a make-up stained glass tonight because I'm leaving for the weekend which means I'll be missing my scheduled Friday night of stained-glass goodness, which means I have to make it up tonight. (Wow, I love circular thought.) I'm working on a 3-D container for that class. I'd like to call it a vase, but I'm afraid it might not hold water, so I don't think the project qualifies as a vase. But, whether or not it holds water is no matter, either way, my 3-D container has been one tricky project. Wish me luck.
3. We should all be doing things like this:

Because it's summer and that's what we all should do in the summertime-- ride happy old fashioned bikes through Copenhagen.
4. My newest nephew is now officially two weeks old. And he looks like this:
With his hands by his face and the wrinkled forehead, this man could be my nephew's stunt double. Don't feel bad for the child. While he does look like this old man, it's for the very best. He's a lucky guy, because who wouldn't want to look like a cute, old man?

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