04 August 2008

It's In the Details

good friend: you really like to focus on little, tiny detail things... you know simple pleasures

but then sometimes you miss the big general picture because you look so closely at things, does that make sense?

me: yes.

good friend: I think sometimes you're so good at focusing on these details because you can make them into whatever you want.... i.e. Thursdays

you focus so much on Thursday that sometimes I feel like no other day could ever match up to a Thursday, you know

it's funny, not bad.

I think Laura, you really can be compared to a painting

me: oh wow...

that's a high compliment. i really like paintings.

good friend: some people get it and some people don't

but it is what it is and either way people are intrigued.

me: i like your analyzing.

i might just blog about it.

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