28 August 2008

Ten Things I Love About You: Paris Edition

- People don't "do" their hair in Paris. No, people go "au natural" with European- humidity- induced curl. In Paris I attempted the let-your-hair-go-wild look, and it kind of works, at least by Parisian standards.

- If you don't say hello, no one likes you. I love that a simple French word makes all the difference between happy French people and ornery French people.

-It's romantic. Most romantic location in the world though? No way. I think Prague was more romantic. And the German Rhine Valley. Mmm... now that made me want a boy to hold. My recipe for happiness and romance: take a boat down the Rhine river and walk through Prague at sunset. Nonetheless, Paris is still romantic-- there were loving-love couples everywhere. Maybe that's what made it less romantic for me. Who wants to be in love where everyone else is also in love?

- Notre Dame. Eiffel Tower. The Louvre. Arc de Triomphe. Enough said.

- The French take their food very seriously. I do too. We got along.

- The language. It's all smooth-like. Like chocolate.

- Chocolate. I had a French chocolate mousse and 70% cocoa French chocolate bar. Both made me very happy.

- Museums that make my feet hurt because they're so big. I like art. Most of that can be attributed to my high school art history teacher. She changed my life.

-Boots in the fashion capital of the world. My desire for stut-your-stuff-boots used to be a want, now it's a need.

- Yogurt in ceramic cups that taste a little bit like heaven. It was white, so it looked like heaven too.

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