04 September 2008

The Animal Game

Once upon a time, when I met a good friend of mine, she taught me how to play a fun game. It goes like this-- you pretend to be an animal and others guess which animal you are. Sounds simple, right? And it is. Until you try to do an octopus tangled in a knot, or a zebra. Zebras are hard. Everyone just thinks you're a horse.

Today I went to the Aachen, Germany zoo with my nephews. I got all sorts of new ideas for the animal game. A duck for instance. Did you know they have the coolest feet? I mean, I'm sure that's no exciting thought for you. But, I studied duck feet today trying to figure out how to act-out webbed feet. Just so you know, I haven't mastered it yet, but I'll keep working.

And I totally mastered the titular meerkat (i.e. Timon in Lion King). When I performed this one for my nephew, he guessed what I was pretending to be right away. This could've have been because we were standing right next to the meerkat cage at the time, but I like to believe it's because I'm skilled at meerkat imitation.

The meerkat can now be added to the list of best animal game animals. So far, the list includes starfish, turtle stuck on its back, the giraffe/ostrich (this is my specialty), and the sloth attacked by a ferocious eagle.

Moral of the story: If you want to play the animal game, you should.

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