22 October 2008

My Vintage Clutch

When my grandma passed away, I found a leather clutch bag in the basement. No one really wanted it, but I did. And so I took it home with me. Then, a couple months later, I brought it to London with me. Here and now, this leather clutch comes with me everywhere. And today I thought I'd give you a glimpse into its insides. It holds more than you'd think:

a dark brown coin purse that has "genuine leather" printed in gold on the outside of it-- this is necessary in London, they use so much change here

a black pilot pen, extra fine, 0.5 thickness, product p-500-- I always have one of these on me, this one was given to me by a friend while we were sitting in the library, it was a happy moment in my life

streetwise london centre city map-- very detailed, very necessary

sticky note with my schedule for tomorrow-- leave for the train station at 1:00 pm

a list of paintings to see

my eurostar train ticket-- yes, i'm going to germany tomorrow, visiting my sister, and then i'll come home to london, what a lucky girl am i, london is my home

my passport

my local london library card-- yes, i got a library card for the local library, and yes, i already have a fine

my driver's license-- i have really short hair in this picture, it's above my ears, a solid pixie cut

shakespeare sonnet 146

a london popout map

american first credit union chapstick with sunscreen

a purple plastic spoon

five pound note, 12 pennys-- british style, 1 penny-- american style, 15 five-pence pieces, 7 ten-pence pieces, 3 fifty-pence pieces, 4 two-pence pieces, 6 twenty-pence pieces

my temple recommend

an international student identification card

my debit card-- and no, i'm not going to tell you where it's from, i've dealt with identity theft already once in my life

my panasonic dmc-tz4 camera with case

moleskin london notebook given to me by my sister-- i use this for everything: doodles, restaurant reviews, maps, lists and i carry it with me everywhere

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