02 December 2008

Job, I can symphathize. I've lost everything too.

My computer abandoned ship, moved on to the next life, made the ultimate sacrifice-- and I'm going to stop saying it nicely now-- MY COMPUTER IS DEAD. Exploded. Crashed. Broken. Empty. Gone forever. I just couldn't convince it to stay alive for me. When my computer decided that it had nothing left to live for, there was nothing more I could do for it. It had decided that life was pointless and it saw self destruction as its only outlet. No matter how much I told my computer that I needed it desperately-- I mean, I have a Humanities paper due tomorrow for crying out loud!-- it didn't believe me. I gave it hugs, kisses, rub-downs, inspirational words of encouragement... but to no avail. I even offered to take it to counseling. Therapy. Rehab. Anything that would help it to see the value and beauty in life. And then it self destructed despite all the help and love I offered. By taking its own life, it destroyed mine. I'd do anything to have it back.

Now, if you would please stop wherever you are and hold a moment of silence for my computer. A long moment of silence. This is a very serious tragedy.

I've never been able to understand how devastated Job must have felt when he lost his family, his health, his wealth, his everything. Well, now, I know what it is like. And heck, I'm worse off than Job; at least he didn't lose all his digital images.


Julianne said...

Oh no, Laura. That is very sad! Did you really lose all your pictures??

I guess you should buy a spanking new one for business school...

Lindsey Anne said...

Laura I'm so sorry! That sounds horrible! Your title is very clever though :) Did you get my email awhile ago?