01 February 2009

In Memoriam: August 2007- January 2009

A red cell phone slipped away peacefully on the evening of January 31st. The phone had lived a short, useful life plagued by bouts of bad battery-itis and has now moved on to the land lovingly called "trash can." Upon purchase on August 28, 2007, the red phone donated all of its profits to the Product: RED campaign. From the start, the phone had a giving heart. It gave and gave-- making phone calls, storing phone numbers, taking pictures, and ringing an annoying alarm at exactly 7:30 am every day. The red phone loved its brief visit to the United Kingdom. There the phone was relieved of most of its communication duties, serving only as an alarm clock in the mornings. Upon returning, the phone never again experienced full health.

The red phone is survived by its frustrated owner.


Katie said...

Laura! I'm glad you found my blog, and guess what? I saw your blog before you saw mine! So I am the stalker! Your writing is so eloquent. It's rather refreshing.

Laura said...

Let's just agree to both read each other's lives openly. Forget stalking.

P.S. You have good taste in favorite days. I was reading your blog, not stalking, when I found that out.