26 March 2009

Dear Thursday,

I'm so glad you're here again. I just wish you'd brought more sunshine with you. Seriously, this snow thing is out of control. My feet are cold. I know, I know... I could have worn socks. But really, who wears socks in March? Not me. It's my small rebellion.

I love when you show up right on schedule. I swear, nothing makes me happier. Well, except for Celtic music played by a best friend wearing a turquoise sweater. But dear Thursday, you're up there on the happiness scale. You make me pretty darn happy. On Wednesday nights, when the time on my cell phone switches to 12:01 am, I get this silly grin on my face thinking about how lucky I am that you're my friend.

I'm trying to figure out what makes you so great. I've yet to figure it out. You didn't even bring Spring.

Please bring sunshine next time.



Lauren K said...

Laura ... I was going to be content being a blog lurker and just silently loving your wonderful blog but then I read one of your posts about how you ordered three pairs of shoes in one go AND you are apart of a Scrabble club and knew I had to say something. I go to BYU, is the Scrabble Club still in existence?

P.S. I found your blog off of Louise Plummer's, I'm interested in taking her husbands class and was reading her post about it and saw your comment ... etc. I'm sorry for being a total blog stalker.

Katie said...

Love Katie too. Seriously Thursday.

Nicole said...

Dear laura,

I just love your blog. It makes me laugh.

Love Nicole

ps- 8 color blind tests in one week. are you color blind? or are you having sympathy tests for your friend?