22 May 2009

"A party is a party, but a party on a summer's eve..."

Dinner Party : my favorite pastime; an excuse to clean, cook extravagantly, and dress up; a gathering of people for pleasure and food; almost synonymous with "hanging out", but not quite.

Last night, a good friend and her lovely family came to my house for a summer dinner party. We ate grilled chicken sandwiches with mustard, as recommended by stephmodo. We ended the night with my aunt's famous black-bottom cupcakes; they have a surprise cheesecake middle. I couldn't have been happier with the menu, with the company, or with the sunshine.

Bonus points for identifying the movie quoted in this post's title.


Chels said...

Emma! Bonus points for me.
And those sandwiches look amazing.

Anna Jay said...

Can I get bonus points for noting that Mr. creepface Elton said it as well?

I'm way down for you posting recipe slash pictures of those cupcakes.

Mel said...

Yeah for good times!! We had a blast too! And the food....AMAZING!! Can't wait to do it again!