07 June 2009

In Celebration of Patience

My wireless internet has been broken. BUT IT'S NOT BROKEN ANYMORE! This is a very big deal. (I feel like I need to say that, just in case you didn't catch the all-caps.) I'm currently typing while lying on my stomach in my living room. Do you know what a good feeling that is?

In celebration, I've decided to post pictures from my laptop. Do not look for a theme or reasoning behind these photos. There is none. It's just that pictures were difficult to post without wireless access. It would've required a USB drive; in other words, it would have required patience. And you all know how good I am at being patient. And if you didn't know anything about my ability to be patient. Now you do. I'm not patient. But, I'm working on it. And waiting for these pictures to upload was a step in that process.


Picture 1: On the coast of Newport, Rhode Island. From this trip.

Picture 2: In the Old North Church in Boston. From the same trip.

Picture 3: Poppies in my front yard. Poppies are my favorite flower.

Picture 4: Sidewalk chalk and my shoes.

Picture 5: Pizza. Inspired by The Cheeseboard in Berkeley. And my sister.

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