11 November 2009

Just Living Days of Grapefruit Sorbet

I feel like "balance" is the advice I give most. It's also the advice I receive the most.

Do you know what your problem is? You're just trying to find the right balance. Be sure to balance all your roles. Look at your schedule, are you balanced? Watch out for extremes. Is your relationship balanced? What about your ratio of tooth brushing to flossing... balanced? It's so hard to find that perfect harmony, but once you do...

... it will be like freshly painted toes in creamy sand. An organized pencil drawer when you can't find the scissors. Like washed black granite counters without water streaks. Like a bubble bath. Like reading a good book and eating the perfect meal with a grapefruit sorbet palate cleanser to start.

Balance. It sounds so relaxing. So transcendent. Ahh... the joy of balance. It's so noble to strive for that type of peace in your life, for that kind of joy.


But then I remember taking gymnastics when I was eight. The balance beam was the most stressful of all. Why? Because perfect balance is unattainable. I don't care how easy the 5' 2'' Olympian makes it look. Don't try and tell me she's not stressed out of her mind trying to find the perfect balance-- a balance she knows will never be perfect. Get this, she'd fall if every neuron wasn't focused on balancing.

This post may sound like I'm stressed and bitter about trying to find the perfect balance and never quite achieving it. Don't be fooled. I'm not-- not stressed and not at all bitter. I'm not even trying to be balanced. I'm just living.

Just living. It's like red toes and sand. Like finding the scissors. Like black granite, bathtubs, and good books. And yes, it's like grapefruit sorbet.

I realized that I was never meant to be an Olympic gymnast and so I stopped practicing the balance beam. It's a decision that has naturally made me more balanced than I ever have been before.


gigi said...

I find it very interesting that you decided to post this post when you did. Just yesterday I was having a conversation with my friend after ballet about balancing. I told her something one of my old teachers said to me once that I recently remembered--that I'd be able to balance if my energy was calm, relaxed. So often, when trying to balance I get so worried that everything on my body is in the right place, all my muscles are tensed, and I'm worried about trying to balance. I can rarely balance that way. Then I remembered what my teacher said, and just tried to calm my energy, and now I can balance.

Sorry, that was long and probably didn't make sense or have anything to do with your post...

Amy said...

Wow, lets talk about the right post and comment and the right time. I needed that too. Thanks La for you insight. You are truly talented.

Me said...

I just happened to stumble across this blog today, and I have to say: You're a terribly interesting person.

I think I might subscribe to this.