02 November 2009

This is a post about planes that is not really about planes.

On a night flight.
This picture may or may not look good on your computer. It looks good on mine.

I've always wanted to be Peter Pan because he never grows up.

Well folks, I'm growing up. I'm trying hard to stop the process, but birthdays just keep coming. I'm 21 now and my tendons are becoming more fragile as I age. I sprained my ankle recently. According to my doctor, the injury is attributable to aging tendons.

Peter has everything going for him. Not only is he young, he flies too. And while I can't stop the aging process, I can fly. I mean, he can fly. In the sky. Pray we don't die. Because I love to fly. He loves to fly. What a sky.

The point is, he flies and I'm a really good rhymer.

And I love it, every single time. The whole experience takes my breathe away. Literally. The g-forces when you drop a thousand feet in a plane make it impossible to take in air, not to mention the panorama from up there. And then there's the pilot...

Folks, he's a pilot.


Rachel said...

hold up Laura- are you telling me that he's color blind AND a pilot? Because this is big news. When my dad was a young man, his life's dream was to be a pilot. But he was color blind, so they turned him down! INCREDIBLE.

((also happy birthday))

Natalia said...

folks, someone's in love...

Katie said...

this is ridiculously romantic. I'm incredibly jealous. can your life be a movie? or perhaps a book?