07 December 2009


Do you want the whole truth? Here it is.

I'm distracted.

My recently resurfaced painting fetish is stealing my attention away from school. My new exciting internship/job is distracting me from school. This blog is a distraction. Your blog is a distraction. He is a distraction.

Christmas is the biggest distraction of them all. I've discovered that I love celebrating Christmas. I've always liked celebrating Christmas, but it feels like a new discovery this year.

Him: What are you doing?
Me: Celebrating Christmas.
Him: Don't you have homework?
Me: Yes, but I'm not doing it because it's Christmas break.
Him: Nope, it's not Christmas break yet. Not 'til next week.
Me: No, it's right now... I've discovered that Christmas is more fun than homework.
Him: That doesn't mean it's Christmas break.
Me: Actually it does.

Ahh, this darn distraction is making me so happy.


Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Love each & every moment of it, Laura!
Enjoy it all...
Hope your holidays are merry & bright.
Christmas break soon!

Sarah Osborne said...

Hey Laura, I love your blog! (This is Bethany's friend Sarah in case you didn't know :)) I am totally with you. It is Christmas break as far as I'm concerned. This whole school thing is overrated :)