16 January 2010

Advice from a Scout: Use a Compass to Determine Your Direction

It's hard for me to know what to write now. And by "now" I mean since he asked me the question that changed my forever. But I want to write.

Much of my life is the same as it has always been. My daily activities are the same. I spend the same amount of time with him-- a lot. And those hours are my happiest. I'm still in school. I'm still working at my new job that I love. I still eat breakfast every once in a while, and boy do I love the days that I do.

But my head, the inner of my brain, is different now. It's spinning in a whole new direction these days. I'll have you know that it's an exciting direction though-- a bit northeast of the life I know and love, completely west of the life I thought I would be living, and a straight shot to the unknown. A good direction I think.

I like new directions. Especially if he's coming with me. I just don't know how to write about them yet.

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