11 April 2010


I'm sitting on the floor of his family's home in Las Vegas. Outside it is warm and windy. I love it. I love warm and windy. His dad says-- this is when I want to move to Utah. No one likes Spring in Vegas.

I do.

Until we came here, life has been crowded. Lately, everything seems to be stuffed into my days and like a drawer that can't close, I don't like it. I'm now fully convinced, I want to have a simple life. Like we have here. We've slept in, talked late, walked hand-in-hand without direction, swung in a hammock, and eaten food.

In the windy warmness today, I'm restless though. Restless because as much as I want this simple life, I'm not completely used to it yet. I could only lie on the couch listening to the palm trees brush against the windows for so long before feeling guilty and sweaty-- before feeling like I was wasting time.

It's because school isn't over yet. We're going home tomorrow and marching straight into finals week. Into crowded days and stuffed drawers.

Three weeks. In three weeks, I'm going to empty the drawer and only put the necessities back in.

I've always been a little OCD about drawers that don't close all the way. Just so you know.

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Becky said...

las vegas weather=giant blow dryer.
warm and windy. i love it too. its home.