29 September 2010

Pumpkins Lined the Walk to the Front Door

I crashed on the bed last night with a stomach full of good food (sparkling blood orange juice! grilled salmon! rosemary carrots! gorgonzola! cobbler!) and my mind still at NieNie’s charming white house and her just-right Welcome Autumn Party.

In fact, even now—the morning after—I’m still basking in the glow of the candles on the table and the laughing—oh, the laughing! 

Thank you Stephanie. 

At the table, Collin said, “Now, you know this party never happened if you don’t blog about it.” With all the bloggers at the table—both little and big—I’m pretty sure he was mocking. But still, I blog this morning because I would hate to think it never happened.
One year ago today.
Two years ago this month.


Presley family said...

What a lovely blog you have. Came over from NieNie...umm... of course! wink!

Angela said...

You SHOULD blog about it - what a darling party. :)

sarah h. said...


Kiersten S. Gallacher said...

Laura Love,
Did you go to the kickoff 'Recapturing Beauty' campaign that she spoke at??
Heard it will be available online in a few weeks - looking forward to it.
And the welcome fall feast -- looks divine- what fun!
Spencer is in town this weekend from LA; he's lecturing at the UofU . . .
any more ladies you'd like to line him up with so the hood of the car can come flying up??
still can't believe that
love you xxx