27 December 2010

Simply Christmas

It was a simple Christmas. I think it always feels that way when the flying wrapping paper settles down. In that instant, you realize that Christmas is simply about family and that that's all it was ever about. Christmas is and always has been simply about family.

For me, this year, Christmas has been about my new in-law family. We've been in Las Vegas with his parents and siblings, celebrating up on the mountain bench, far above the glittering city, close to the LDS Temple. It's a beautiful place for Christmas, a warm place for Christmas.

Because it's my first Christmas away, I missed my family a bit. I missed the slow breakfast that we eat before opening presents. I missed my mom most of all. But at the same time, I just kept falling in love with this new family of mine and the stocking they filled for me, the ring-around-the-rosies with the darling nephew, their generosity, their quickness to laughter, the homemade eggnog that magically appears into my hands with every blink of my eyes.

To you from me, I hope your holiday was a merry one-- filled with warm wassail and little white lights, filled with duets on the piano, and filled, quite simply, with family.

All the joy in the world to you and yours.


Marilyn Lewis said...

I'm so glad that your family became a part of our family.....hope to see you soon! Happy 2011!

Lindsey Anne said...

Merry Christmas Laura! I loved your words. Christmas HAS always been about family.