29 August 2011

A Day of Emails

Excerpts from "Sent" email folder: August 29, 2011

This is a homemade ice cream that I don't think I could give away.

Can I get the permissions to edit the spreadsheet?  

If you could, I'd like it printed in green.

I didn't want to spend much time going over policies in class today, because hello, that's boring.

That was definitely not more pictures than I would ever want. More!!!

8:30 am on Wednesday works for me, though I need to be on campus by 9:50 am for a class.

I'm totally going to use it. Love the Sigur Ros clip. Ha!

Yummy: Sweet Onion Marinara

I really like the look. I'm so glad it worked. I'll be in contact early next week.

I've told him that when I die, he must, must access my emails and preserve them. So much of me is preserved in what I say and share with other people. 

I worry that our digital communications will be disregarded and lost and as a society we'll lose the documentation of correspondence, which I think is perhaps the most important, and most genuine, documentation of life.

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