27 August 2011

A Special Day

We're lying in bed with the window open above our heads. The drips from the rain gutter patter on the cement just outside and I love how it sounds, and smells.

After sleeping in the backyard last night, we made a pancake breakfast this morning. He picked up my produce basket from the Bountiful Basket co-op. He mowed the lawn; I cleaned up breakfast, swept, and took a long shower. We-- actually he-- weeded the side yard. We cheered at my brother's soccer game and held a family diving competition in a swimming pool. I lost, but he won.We remembered to return our lingering redbox movie before 9pm (a rarity), got another one for free, watched it, enjoyed it (another rarity-- we always seem to get dud movies from redbox), ate frozen yogurt, and simply loved the simplicity of a casual Saturday.

Like we're enjoying the simplicity of the thunder's grumbling and the rain outside our window at this very moment.

Let's pretend I remembered to post yesterday, okay? For my sake? Remember how I made that goal to post everyday until my birthday? I still want to feel successful when I make it-- even if I missed yesterday. Okay?

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