20 August 2011

Today Was a Drag

In the title above, do I or do I not capitalize the was?

I'm starting an English masters program and you'd never know it. I think I tricked them into letting me in. They forgot to ask me if I knew the rules for capitalizing titles, which I don't. Most of the time I base the upper-case vs. lower-case decision on aesthetics.

A deathly migraine whalloped me like a swatter to a fly today. And then, the migraine plucked me apart, piece by piece, and flushed me down the toilet. It was that bad.

Did that metaphor work? Don't tell the graduate committee, I'm still working on implementing metaphors.
The part about having a nauseous (I had to look up the spelling) headache all day is true and miserable.

Goodnight. May tomorrow be better.


Marilyn Lewis said...

Hope you're feeling better!

Kiersten S. Gallacher said...

so happy you're back Laura. Wanted to mention i missed your thoughts/ask you about it at the wedding festivities.

love love love this post.