23 September 2011

We hosted a family in our neighborhood for a backyard picnic last night. Everything about the evening seemed magical to me. Well, except our backyard, which is grossly neglected.The food was inspired by our pear tree, so heavy with ripe fruit. I'm wishing the night had never ended. If it were up to me, we'd still be sipping lemonade on the grass outside.

Grilled Pizzas: Margherita (garden tomatoes + basil) + Pear Gorgonzola (a copy of the old CPK version)
Dough. Pear Gorgonzola inspiration.

Cantaloupe + Blueberries + Pears (a sprig of decorative fresh rosemary to make it look fancy)

Roasted Pears with Ice Cream (When we don't have homemade, which is often, we have Tillamook ice cream. We love it. Also, I left the pears whole, carving out the seeds and core from the bottom and baking them individually in ramekins. They were darling.)

P.S. I got the grilled pizza instructions from Cook's Illustrated, which is subscription only, but the link in the post up there is the same recipe, I think.


Katie said...

we tried out grilled pizza earlier this summer. can I ever go back to the regular oven pizza? no. cannot. your dinner sounds splendid.

Marilyn Lewis said...

Next time you're in Oregon we should go to the Tillamook factory and get their big sampler of different ice creams and then have their homemade fudge for dessert!