21 July 2008

The Art City Picnic

Today Mr. Winterton and I took a picnic lunch outside the Springville Art Museum. It was perfectly wonderful-- definitely something to be excited about. Not only were we eating delicious sandwiches outside my favorite local art spot, but it also smelled like rain. And summer rain is always good news.

You should go to the Springville Art Museum sometime. It's so very cool and it's also the reason Springville is called "The Art City". (Be aware, the museum is closed on Mondays. We had to look at the current gallery through the windows.)

Look how awesome Springvlle Art Museum is:

My favorite event at the Springville Art Museum is the Annual Art Ball. This is one event that should never be missed. Ever. For real. It's that charming. You should mark it in your calendar now: first week of May, Springville Art Ball. Start looking for your gown now.

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