21 July 2008

The Prophylactic Toothbrush

I'm back. And I'm so sunburned and so happy. Those thoughts are not related; in fact, I'm not happy about the sunburn.

We spent our weekend at an old beach house on Bear Lake. And it was perfect. I had no idea that Bear Lake was California ten hours closer. I pictured a mountain lake with freezing water and rocky beaches. Oh no, thank goodness that is not what it was. Our beach house was right on a sandy beach that rivals the beaches in Southern California. The water was chilly, but only for a brief second. And the water was Caribbean blue. We built sand castles, soaked sun on the beach, read books, and went boating. Mmmm... it was so good.

My favorite part of the beach house was the wallpaper in one of the bathrooms. The walls were covered in vintage ads for bathroom products. Here are two of my favorites:

Thank goodness the prophylactic toothbrush is sold in a yellow box "to protect us against inferior substitutes." These ads make me so happy; I wish advertising was still this entertaining.

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