31 July 2008

A Dream.

You know, I love dreaming. I love the moments in the early morning when my phone alarm goes off and I quickly pinch the side buttons to silence it. After I silence the phone, I try so hard to still be asleep. I don't want to let anything disrupt the magic.

This morning was different though. I had a restless, distressing dream that made me sad. It was a nightmare, but not a regular nightmare where you run through streets from bad guys that want to kidnap you. No, this was a nightmare of a different sort, of an emotional sort. I'm still not sure where the dream came from. All I know is that when my phone alarm went off. I wanted to wake up right then, right there. It almost made me wonder why I love dreams.

But, I don't want to lose my faith in good dreams. And so, I leave you with this song, by Priscilla Ahn. I heard it for the first time this morning on Black Eiffel. And I fell in love, with her voice and with dreaming all over again. If I listen to this often, I'll only have good dreams, I know it.

Dream, by Priscilla Ahn


natalia said...

Hey friend, this song reminded me of another one that I think you'll love...


Laura said...

Oh my goodness Natalia. It's fantastic. Mmm... I love it.