30 July 2008

Ten Things I Love About You: Wednesday Edition

I'm not a Wednesday fan. In fact, I usually dislike Wednesdays. But today, today is different. You ask why? Well, because I decided it's different.

Here are ten reasons:

1. I played with power tools. All because I had to build a frame for my stained glass window. You have no idea how thrilling it was. Why have I never gotten involved with saws and routers before? Now that I know the power behind the tools though, I'm changed for life.

2. It's sunny and hot outside. I would rather be hot than cold any day. I just keep telling myself to soak it all up, because come January when I get back from London, Utah will be covered in nasty cold white stuff and frozen water that makes me fall on my face in the middle of a hundred people on BYU campus as my backpacks (plural on purpose, it felt like multiple) are thrown all over the place. (Yes, there's story behind that comment. Feel free to ask about it. I've fully recovered now. I'm pretty sure I can talk about it without getting emotional.)

3. "I got a dollar, I got a dollar, I got a dollar-- hey, hey, hey, hey." Actually I have two dollars, in quarters, in my leather snap coin purse. I never have cash, so it's kind of exciting.

4. My second accounting test is over. Two down, one more to go.

5. I discovered that my new nephew called Asher can also be called Asherel. The "el" on the end is the Jewish way of making a name diminutive. And since his name is a Jewish name, and since he's little, I'll be calling him Asherel. That makes me happy.

6. I got a letter and a package in the mail today. Pretty exciting, eh? Snail mail could be one of my favorite things ever.

7. And in the package was this dress:Oooo... I like it so much. The shoes too. But, I didn't buy the shoes.

8. I was asked if I was an art major. That question is the best compliment ever. On my list of things to do before I die, I have listed: "Be described as artsy." This happened once. My mosaic teacher said, "Laura, you're just such an artsy person." I was so happy. I almost laid a big kiss on her forehead. And that's saying something, because I'm not so into PDA. Moral of the story: I've already crossed it off my list. But, today, when I was asked if I was an art major, I almost did a back flip. Which would have allowed me to cross another thing off my Before-I-Die-To-Do-List: "Do a back flip".

9. I read a newspaper. Not to be confused with online news. No, I read a make-your-hands-dirty, noisy-when-you-open-it, real, authentic New York Times. It was so good. Good enough to make the top ten Wednesday list.

10. Tomorrow is Thursday.

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