19 August 2008

Goodnight USA

I'm currently sitting on my bedroom floor with my packed suitcases and my rented laptop. Also on the floor are piles of clothing that were tossed out of my suitcase when the zipper wouldn't zip.

The suitcases, the laptop, and I are spending our last night in the states tonight. Tomorrow is the big airplane flight that takes us to Germany. And from there we're off to Paris, Amsterdam, Bern, and Prague.

Someone told me recently that I look for every opportunity to get out of the states. And in case you've been thinking the same thing about me-- I thought I'd announce that I love America and I'll miss it loads.

Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, smile big, blow a kiss. And I'm off. Goodnight USA.

By the way, if you're like me and you love the license plate map from above, you can spend your life savings on it here. I found it via A Little Sussy.

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