16 August 2008

My Life. 299 Words.

I recently had to write a life sketch for an application.

For kicks and because I like my blog, I decided to share it here.

It was crazy to try and reduce 19.92 years into one paragraph. I feel like I've lived so much more than one paragraph. But maybe I haven't.

This is my life. In 299 words:

I was born on the fourth Thursday of September in 1988. It was a good day. I inherited a body and a family—all at once. I grew up in the scorching Arizona sunshine. As a kid, I lived to “play pretend”. I imagined myself as an astronaut, as a princess, as Anne with an “e”, and as a world-renowned pianist. I moved to Provo, Utah as an excited eleven year old. During my middle school years, I kept “playing pretend”, but I graduated from my backyard and onto the acting stage. As I experimented with drama, I learned that trying new things fascinated me most. I dabbled in culinary arts, ballroom dance, diving and running. My life was shaped by new things during my fifteenth summer. That year, I was attending a summer-long international leadership program in New York. While I was at the camp, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Three years later, she passed away. She was forty-nine. The Gospel truths I’d been taught all my life quickly became more than teachings—they became the immovable foundation of my existence. Her diagnosis, her death, and my strengthened dependence on the Gospel are the most prominent moments in my life. But that isn’t the end of the story, I kept growing up. I graduated from high school and accepted a scholarship at Brigham Young University in Provo. This was just last year. Now, as a business management student in my second year, I am still just growing up. And through it all I’ve learned that the fourth Thursday of September in 1988 was more than just a good day where I was given a body and a family. No, I was given much more. I was given a beautiful life.

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Lindsey Anne said...

I love the way you write Laura! It's captivating. I loved this one.