29 September 2008

29 September 2008

Turned 20 years old today. At approximately 11:00 am (Mountain Time Zone). And it was a wonderful day. Good closure to a good year. Sad closure to a wonderful two decades... two decades that I'll miss and always wish I could re-live over and over again. I'd love to live it over because I've loved being young and I don't want to be old. Despite what I once said about Irish grandmothers.

Here's my birthday story:

Woke up at 7:30 am. Ate breakfast. I received a singing telegram from Hilary. She jumped up and down obnoxiously while singing Happy Birthday. I laughed and applauded. Good start to the day.

Went to classes.

After class, I took off on my own. I went out on the town and found some wonderful thrift stores. I found buried treasure, quite literally. I bought a blue sweater dress and a red coat. I also bought myself an almond croissant for lunch, but not from the thrift store.

Then, I met Katie at the National Gallery at 2:15 pm. We browsed Baroque art for a couple hours and then we took the Central Line back to Number 27.

After dinner it was off to Cocomaya. A small luxury chocolate shop that just opened seven months ago. Shops like this remind me of why I am going to business school. The whole attitude of the shop, the design, the taste, the magic... I truly fell in love with this chocolate shop. I had heard a lot about it before I went, and it lived up to every expectation.

Next, we went to Hairspray. This is the musical that is currently getting the best reviews in London. After seeing the show, I can heartily agree that this must be the best musical in London right now. They have earned their stellar reviews. It was spectacular.

At home again, we danced and crooned for an hour. And yes, of course we did this all on top of the tables. We sang "Good Morning Baltimore" and "You Can't Stop the Beat" at the top of our lungs. Sweat was pouring down my face as I said goodnight to the girls. It was a good end to a birthday.
And now I'm old. Twenty. Two decades. My twenty-first year. How did this happen to me?

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Julianne said...

See Laura. Turning 20 is not so bad. You can still dance on tables when you are 20.

I can't wait to see the bottom half of that sweater dress. The top looks so fun...