02 October 2008


I'm not really a fan of queues (lines). I just can't stand being in one place for so long. Every time I get in a queue, I feel like a 10 year old on the bench at church. I just can't sit still. I need crayons to color with, or cheerios to snack on, or someone to play tic-tac-toe. Anything will do, so long as I don't have to think about how long my feet have been in that one spot and how I'm starting to lose all will to live if living means standing still and wondering if the 360 degree view that I currently see will be the last thing I ever see because I met my end while I was still waiting in my spot in the queue. Anyway, the point is, I need a distraction when I stand in the queue, but I don't have crayons, cheerios, or a friend to draw x's while I draw o's. So, I take portraits. We stand in so many lines-- for plays, for museums, for dinner, for the toilet. And while we do, I zoom my camera into people's faces to take their portrait.

The girls here say that it is kind of creepy. But I disagree. I say, you'll be grateful someday when you have pictures of yourself for future generations. If I wasn't taking your portrait, how would grandchild Sally prove that she has her grandma's big eyes and plump lips?

But today, I'll agree with them. This could be kind of creepy. Today, I'm going to post some of the portraits right here, showing them to the universe.

I'd like to introduce you to the people I live and play with-- all of them are my favorites.

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Ronaldo7 said...

Creep! Haha...just kidding. They are beautiful pictures!