22 September 2008

This is what I did this weekend:

Wandered through London's great architecture, including the Argentine ambassador's house, the 2008 London Flat-of-the-Year, and a duke's house on Hyde Park corner.

It was the London Open House.

Doors on homes, ancient buildings, new office buildings, award winning flats, contemporary wonders, and a hundred or so churches were opened up to free public touring.

I was reminded of my third grade dream to become an architect. I still have the layout and blueprint of the dream home I designed that year. Though, my current dream home is a little different. I'm thinking I won't need the 50 x 50 foot playroom, but I'll probably need the kitchen that I saw on the Open House Tour in the London Flat-of-the-Year. The walls were lined with small tiles from the floor to the ceiling. And I decided that I could look at walls like that all day. Meaning, I'd be willing to spend all day in the kitchen. Meaning, I could cook all day and eat all day. Meaning, I would be a very happy person if I had a kitchen like that.

London has really great events like this. A couple weeks ago they had a Cycler's Day, where bike riders were encouraged to ding their bike bells at each other in friendly encouragement. I don't have a bike here, but I really wanted one on Cycler's Day. I hated missing out on all the ding-a-ling-ing.

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