07 November 2008

Da Ba Dee Da Ba Di

I'm blue, but I'm not sad. I'm actually happy. It's just that I went on a walk and I took blue pictures...

This post could also be interpreted as a political statement of party loyalty since blue is the unofficial color of the Democratic party. This political statement by pictures was not intended, but while we're on the subject...

The British people are entirely invested in the United States election. I heard talk of nothing else in the days prior to the election and they're still stuck on the subject in the two days since Obama's victory speech. Suddenly, everyone loves Americans. They feel that we've suddenly woken up from a decade of blindness. I don't know if I agree or disagree, but it sure is fun to be part of the excitement over here.

I'm hopeful that Obama can do good things. If he does nothing else, I loved this quote from BBC news, "[Obama] is a gifted speaker and in times of national grief or doubt it is hugely important for Americans to have a president able to capture, shape and occasionally lift the national mood." And another comment by BBC, "Mr Obama has made history by winning power. As he attempts to make history in the way he exercises it, he will be weighed down by high expectations. He is going to need all the many gifts - and all the luck - that got him here. " And one last word, "Mr Obama will have at least one asset no other American president since Kennedy has enjoyed - a huge reservoir of international goodwill."

And now we wait and watch and see... I wish you luck Mr. President.

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Julianne said...

Fun thoughts on Obama, Laura. The BBC quotes were very interesting. And the blue pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.