04 January 2009

Holiday Review

Two handsome brothers in brand new suits on Christmas morning.

Girl's night out at California Pizza Kitchen

Christmas morning joy and madness.

Christmas Eve talents-- my brother and my new stepmom and a We Wish You a Merry Christmas arrangement.

Lovely colored Christmas gifts. Notice the book. It was given to me by my father. It is about a girl who is cynical about love. I think the book was given to me for a reason. Hmm.... well, there is one thing that I'm not cynical about, and that is how much I love the artwork in this book. It is beautiful.

Oh Christmas Tree...

A stud on the couch on Christmas morning.

Older sister and husband. Christmas Eve.

Two friends eating french toast at a January breakfast party.

Our traditional red/green lights and icicles. This picture has a fire and ice element that I love.

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