07 January 2009

Thank Goodness the Sidewalk Snow is Melting

I fell on the snowy ice madness yesterday. It was a total collapse-- a bonk your head on the cement, go to class with snow covered jeans, people running to help you up kind of a collapse.

This happened five times last winter. Some of the falls are quite memorable. Like down the stairs outside the fine arts building. My skirt was over my head. And the best friend just stood at the bottom of the stairs laughing. Or the time I had books in my hands that were definitely not in my hands by the time I hit the ground. That particular spill caused big purple yellow art form on my thigh that lasted for over a month.

Either I have no balance or I make stupid snow footwear decisions. I prefer to think it is the second explanation. At least it wouldn't be an innately incurable lack of balance. Instead it is incredibly curable stupidity.


Louise Plummer said...

Laura, I'm on to you too. I was born the second Friday of September. September 11, which became a burden in 2001. Three out of four of my sons went to Provo High (We lived in Oak Hills). I am also a Democrat, art lover and I once fell down big time and broke my leg in three places, which changed my life.

I have NEVER been to London, although I've been to Europe many times. I was born in the Netherlands and loved your Dutch pictures.

I really really need to go to London. Nice to know you, Laura. Cheers.

Laura said...

Wow. You commented on my blog. And it made my day.

You were born in September too! What a great month. Mmm... Really, it's the perfect month. The best part is that school starts and it isn't cold yet. But, it's cold enough for scarfs. Which is always a good thing. Because scarfs are classic and colorful and therefore joy inducing.

And yes. You really need to go to London. In September.