22 January 2009

I Think I'm Just Going to Sit Here Staring Straight and Pray That No One Drops Their Pencil

I couldn't move my neck today. I still can't. I'm sitting staring straight forward. The same way I've been staring all day. And yes, I was in fact behind the steering wheel of a moving vehicle this evening. So, the car in front of you that darted into oncoming traffic without looking both ways? Yep. That was me. But there was nothing I could do about it. Looking both ways for oncoming traffic was an impossibility. And turning my head to say hello, nodding in agreement, or throwing my head back in laughter? They were all out of the question too. Heck, they're still out of the question. I'm even having trouble lying down. It puts my neck in a painful position and then tears start welling up in the corners of my eyes and screams start coming out of my mouth. So you see, it's best that I don't move.

A guy in class this morning tapped me on the shoulder, "Hey, could you pick that up for me?" He was sitting one row up from me and he had accidentally dropped his pencil and it had rolled under the chairs, down one level, until it landed on the floor just six inches from my left foot. Picking the pencil up would be a challenge. I knew that it would. But, little go-getter me is always up for a challenge. I turned my shoulders a full 90 degrees and slid slowly out of my chair. I got down on my knees as my chair seat snapped shut, knocking my notebook and pencil onto the floor as well. I picked up his pencil, and my notebook and my pencil, then slowly brought one foot up and then the other until I was back sitting straight forward in my chair. I held the pencil over my head until my pencil-dropping classmate took it out of my hands. I think he just sat there staring blankly at the back of my head thinking, Wow. This girl is serious about picking up pencils off the floor.

And I just sat there thinking, I hope I never have to move again.


Julianne said...

Laura, I am laughing very, very hard...but I do hope your neck gets better soon!

amsy said...

Oh my goodness that is the funniest story you've ever told. You poor little thing. I'm still laughing hard because of its awesomeness.

Laura said...

Laugh away. I did too. For most of the day. I laughed about it until about 6:00 pm. It had gone on too long at that point and then I started to kick and scream about it. I was kicking and screaming while sitting straight up in a chair of course. Had I kicked and screamed while standing, I would've caused permanent paralysis.

It's much better today. Just so you know. I can look left and right now. Don't expect any jumping or dancing or shaking violently, but I can look left and right. Baby steps.