14 January 2009

We're Scrabblin.

I'm back. It's back. What's back? Scrabble Club.

This Saturday. Three o'clock in the afternoon.

And this here is an old French Scrabble Ad. But we don't play in French; generally we play in English. But there were some requests to play in Portuguese. If there is enough interest to play Scrabble in a foreign language, we could always add a second board for the foreign language lovers.

And yes, Scrabble club does get this ugly. You've never seen competition like this.

If you're interested, you're invited. For more information, contact me. And I can always provide you with reasons to come.


Laura said...

Modifications have been made to the Scrabble Club plan. Let me know if you'd like the updated event details.

camille said...

ok. scrabble is the best thing since sliced bread.

have you ever played speed scrabble? it is quite possibly the greatest. ever.

i am quite glad to have stumbled across your blog at last!

p.s. my word verification is "horpo." that sounds like an awful disease.

Laura said...

Yes! Camille! Come play Scrabble! I would love that!

I'll let you know when we hold Scrabble club next.