16 March 2009


I need fifteen pages of creative non-fiction for my memoir writing class tomorrow. And a few minutes ago, I couldn't get it to flow. That was a problem.

I was sitting at a table in the library, and my creativity equaled zero. Because I was sitting at a study table in the library, and how could any sort of normal, natural thought happen at a wooden desk in the library where I do accounting and information systems and yucky things like numbers? I also had my planner laid out next to me on the square table with every hour etched with deadlines(including tomorrow's deadline for the fifteen page memoir)? Like I said, how could anything creative happen?

That's when I learned that I can't write at a table in the library. I can't write about my life while sitting in a straight-backed wooden chair. That's not where life happens.

But, I only have one night to crunch this baby out. So, the problem needed to be solved.

And I solved it. I went with my gut instinct and crawled under the table. I crumpled my coat in a ball and stuck it behind my back as a cushion against the leg of the table. I pulled the chair in towards the table until it trapped me against the center post of the table.

Here I sit with my knees propped up and my laptop against my thighs. And it's flowing now. I'm on page nine of fifteen.


Amy said...

laura sheffeild, I think that you are my most favorite person in this whole wide world. Pretty sure that I can clearly imagine you sitting underneath a table....yep....just pictured it....it was funny.

Marilyn Lewis said...

I want to read the 15 pages of "under the table" creativity!!!

camille said...

the same thing happened to me.
until you came along last night.

ode to laura:

on my paper i was stuck
i was down on my luck
i couldn't write right
until you came in sight
and inspired me to ditch
my story and switch
to the one i liked best all along.

after you asked me if i was developing my "body" story, i realized that option had never occurred to me. i immediately stopped working on the 8 pages i had already finished of my other memoir and switched stories. at 9:39 at night. wow

lexio said...

Laura Sheffield. That is so funny because, confession: I also haunt your blog. Your writing is super, and I'm sure your memoir that you are writing while under the table is fabulous.