19 March 2009

Scandalous Shoes

Someone once told me that in an unidentified foreign country, women who wear red shoes are perceived as scandalous and immoral.

Just so you know, I wore red shoes almost every day during my senior year of high school. I had three pair.

1 pair of red flats
1 pair of red rain boots
1 pair of red wedges from D.I.

The red flats wore out. Completely. And I threw them away. I had a funeral and everything. They were my trademark shoes. It was depressing when they fell apart. Two weeks ago, I bought a replacement pair. I'd gone over a year without red flats; it was a hard year. But I haven't worn the new red flats yet. They're stiff.

Just so you know, I like red shoes. And I'm wearing the red wedges from D.I. today and I'm thinking about senior year when I wore red shoes every single day. And I'm thinking that today, I'm a walking scandal.

And I kind of love it.


Rachel said...

I wore red shoes to my wedding. Someone asked my mother if it was a "Mormon thing".

ed and brooke said...

Hi, this is going to sound so weird but I'm a friend of Julianne's and she mentioned you had a blog. Anyways, I stumbled upon it today and wanted to let you know about a FABULOUS pair of red flats (i'm on my second pair). They're Camper's and if you wear an 8 or smaller you can fit into the kids sizes. I couldn't find them on Amazon in the kids style but here is a link... (they typically have a red band and red leather, i don't know what is up with these...) Anyways, they are the most comfortable shoes I own and go with everything.

So glad you like red shoes too.

ed and brooke said...

Sorry, I forgot to leave the link..

Anna Jay said...


Worldly shoes for LIFE.

Katie said...

Yes. BYU deserves some scandal.