12 March 2009


When we're lonely, why do we take it all the way to self-pity? Why don't we do something about it before it's too late? Why do we study all the time to make ourselves feel better when we know the real problem is that we're studying too much? Why is it still cold outside? If it were spring, would we spend more time outside? Would we go running if it were spring? Would we build up our endorphins if it were spring? Why couldn't I get out of bed this morning? Was it because the basement heater is broken and the air outside my bed was icy? Or was it because I stayed up until three studying accounting? Was it worth it to stay up until three studying? Do grades matter? Would I be able to get the job of my dreams without good grades? Do I want the job of my dreams? Do I want a job? Do I work really hard at school for me or for other people? Am I a perfectionist? Do I have my priorities right? Do I like colorful shoes more than I should? Or is it a perfectly healthy guilty pleasure? Will colorful shoes get me where I want to go in life? What will get me where I want to go? Where do I want to go? To Africa? To Seattle? To a normal life with a backyard garden? In my dreams while I sleep, why do I always live in Seattle? Is that a sign? Should I go to Seattle? When he touched my elbow, was that a sign? Or did I bump my elbow against his hand and he really didn't touch it at all? Can we be friends? How do you make friends with someone you want to be friends with? Am I cool enough to be their friend? Can you talk yourself into falling in love? What is falling in love? Do I try and convince myself to fall in love? Does real love mean you don't have to convince yourself? Or is convincing yourself part of the process? Am I always convincing myself? Do I try to convince myself to like cucumbers? Why don't I like them? Does it matter that I don't like cucumbers? Should I keep trying to like them? Is there such thing as analyzing too much? Where do you draw the line? Have I crossed that line?


Kenzie K. said...

Laura I loved this post, partially because you mentioned colorful shoes . . . but mostly because this is what it sounds like inside my head! I'm glad we all feel this way once in a while.

Amy said...

Wow...I'm so glad that someone has finally written my thoughts that i've been too scared to write. Thanks. I dont think that i realized how much we think a like my dear. Love you!!!