09 March 2009

They Stayed on My Nose and Eyelashes

Let me get this out now, just in case you doubt it at the end of this post: I'm still not a fan of snow or winter.

I walked out of the library tonight and it was charming. Giant snowflakes fell everywhere. They landed on my red coat and they polka-dotted it. I looked straight up into the air and saw the flakes, evenly spread across the whole sky. I knew they were falling, but it looked like they were completely still-- as if suspended with fishing wire. I blinked my eyes with big white fluff stuck on my lashes. And after singing The Sound of Music for all my life, I suddenly understood why the "snowflakes that stay on [her] nose and eyelashes" were one of Maria's favorite things. I'm sure I've had snowflakes stuck on my noes and eyelashes before, but today was different. Today, it became one of my favorite things.

And even though my shoes were soaked by the time I got home. And even though I had to scrape my windshield before I drove. And even though it was freezing outside. And even though my car was slippy-sliding. (All valid reasons to hate winter and the snow.) I am glad it snowed. I tell you, there was something magical in the air today. Snow has never been more delightful.

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Amy said...

I totally agree with you. I had to walk home from the library in the snow and it was a wonderful yet cold experience.