13 April 2009

Hello blue ocean. My name is Laura.

Here's what's going down. I'm going down. To the Caribbean. Yes, you read that right. Yes, it's real. Real fun. Fun. Could there really be anything more fun? Maybe. It might be a bit more fun if I were going to the Caribbean to paint and study poetry for four and a half weeks. Oh wait, that is why I'm going

A dream. I tell you, this is a dream. And it's happening in real life.

Announcement: I am going to the Caribbean to study Derek Walcott's poetry and a bit of watercolor painting on the side. I leave July 4th.

And I get to meet him. Him being the poet. Derek Walcott. And maybe we'll paint together on a street corner while we eat curried mangoes. I've heard they're delicious. I'll paint one. A curried mango.

My goal: to have an artistic response to beauty. Beauty being the Caribbean. Artistic response meaning a watercolor painting or a poem. Or both.

Hello blue ocean. My name is Laura and I think we'll get along just fine.


rich(elle) said...

I'm so jealous! I almost decided to go on that program with Dr. Handley. Instead, I'm going to France this spring. It was a hard decision to make, but pleeease let me know how everything works out! I'm excited to hear about it.

Oh, and say hi to Derek Walcott for me. :)

Kenzie K. said...

Laura that's awesome!!! I love the Caribbean and the sun and the warm . . . and poetry and art for that matter. What a blast!!!

JJ said...

Thanks for the link on Walcott. What an adventure!

Rebecca said...

Laura I am so excited for you!!! That will be a fabulous opportunity. You will meet some interesting people I am sure and you better keep it all updated in your blog:)