01 May 2009

Seventy-Five Grams

My feet are tired from sitting. Sounds impossible, right? It's not. My feet are tired from sitting and my eyes are tired from staring. I've been at work, sitting and staring at a computer screen. Writing and re-writing the text for a website. Fascinating, I know.

About midday, in the middle of all the monotony, it became clear that I needed something to add a little kick to my life. If I didn't get a kick, it was highly probable that I would morph into my office chair, doomed to sit and stare forever. So, I slid my dollars into the vending machine and held my breath to see if it would push the dollars back out. It didn't. It kept the dollars and gave me a bag of Sour Patch watermelons.

I ate the whole bag of watermelons. Every. Single. One. And with every one, I rubbed the rough sugar-encrusted candy against my tongue. My tongue is raw. And do you know how many grams are in one serving of Sour Patch watermelons? I do. Twenty-five. Do you know how many servings I ate? I do. Three.

If that's not a kick, I don't know what is.


Amy said...

wow, that sure is a kick :)

Katie said...

my favorite candy of all time. I could eat them all day, every day. congratulations on your intake.