28 April 2009

It Was Fun While It Lasted

At 7:30 am this morning my alarm clock ended my ridiculously short summer break. I stayed under my covers until 7:40 am. Class started at 8:00 am.

Class. Financial Management. I walked into class seven minutes early. I'd say that's quite a feat considering I got out of bed thirteen minutes earlier. Not that I'm bragging. I don't think showing up to class showerless is brag-worthy material. Although showing up to class seven minutes early might be.

The student next to me had his laptop opened to the Wall Street Journal. I don't think he was reading it. I'm guessing he was going for the intimidation factor. It worked. He had a collared shirt and a shiny mac. And the mac was opened to the world's top business newspaper. My first thought, Wow, this guy is going to be the next CEO of Walmart. I pulled my computer out and opened it to my Google Reader where I started flipping through pictures of uncomfortable shoes that I would love to buy. And the CEO next to me thought, Wow, this girl is going to fall on her face in those shoes. And he's right.

My flip flops broke. On Saturday. They were a pair of fairly walkable shoes, but they're not anymore. I destroyed them walking in Las Vegas. Yes, I went to Vegas for the weekend. And that was the extent of my summer break.

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Marilyn Lewis said...

I say the Wall Street Journal guy better watch out for the future CEO in cute, colorful shoes!