28 May 2009

Trim Your Nails Today. It's Thursday.

I don't like saying that a day is a bad day, because when you say it, you cement it. Once you announce that a day is bad--there is no turning back--the day is bad. And that's that. But, right now, it's Thursday and I'm about to speak in the past-tense. Tuesday was bad. I'm not condemning my current day to misery by proclaiming Tuesday's badness. Tuesday is already condemned.

At the end of Tuesday, after a day of badness, consisting of nothing all that bad, I'd had enough of it and I made a decision. As I stared at my white ceiling while lying in my bed, I decided that I was going to wake up and say goodbye to Tuesday the bad day. Forever.

I woke up to sunshine from my tiny window on Wednesday. And you wouldn't know it, but it was the same sunshine that woke me up on Tuesday, it's just that Wednesday's sun was glorious. I balance-walked on the curb as I made my way down to school. And shock of all shocks, my finance class was fascinating.

Later that afternoon, I trimmed my fingernails.That single event is the sign of all signs that my yesterday was a good one.

I would NEVER trim my fingernails on a bad day. How awful would that be? Just imagine, there I am thinking my day can't get any worse and I start trimming my fingernails. What?! That would be depressing. When a bad day is already bad, sitting and trimming fingernails would be rock bottom. My head would say, Hello Laura? Do you have nothing better to do with your tragic day than sit and cut off the dead cells growing out of your finger tips?

And that's why I trimmed my fingernails on good Wednesday. Because on Wednesday, as I clipped off each sliver of excess nail, I was in the right mindset. Instead of cursing my pathetic life that left me with a strange metal tool and dead cells, I basked in the glory of pampering myself so fully.

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