11 July 2009

St. Lucia

I've put on sunscreen every day-- SPF 70 even-- and yet my skin is burnt. Red. Lobster red. I've been damp since the moment I stepped off the plane in St. Lucia. Perpetual wetness. It makes for interesting bus rides across the island. With twenty or so people in a twelve-seater van, our arms stick together and our legs to the seats. My feet are swollen and hot and the sand gets between the sandal straps; it's the recipe for blisters.

And I couldn't be happier. I'm staying a five minute walk from the beach. I paint every day with bright blues. One of my paint pigments is called Caribbean Blue. I hate to tell you, but the ocean is never that color blue. It's bluer. I wear a linen skirt and sit outside listening to the neighborhood calypso band practice for a festival that takes place on the 17th. They get better with every rehearsal. I eat fresh mangoes. Fresh guava. Fresh coconut. I eat fresh fish; dolphin fish is my favorite. I watch people come home from work and school and I wonder what they think of the girl painting on their local street and beach every day. I want them to like me.


Bethany said...

how could they not like you?

and in case you didn't know... blue is my favorite color. i bet caribbean blue is blue at its finest.

Clinton said...

Everyday I sit in the hospital.
No need for sunscreen. I am white. Snow white.

And I couldn't be happier. I live a five minute bike ride from work. I write every note with black pen. Sometimes I even use a fancy drug rep pen. I eat free hospital food or Lisa's best dinner leftovers. I watch patients walk down long hallways but usually they just lie in bed. I wonder what they think of the new doctor who doesn't have a clue what he is doing. I want them to like me too.

Resident life isn't like the Caribbean but I had to make it sound close. Otherwise, I might get jealous.

Kenzie K. said...

it sounds amazing/heavenly/beautiful! and despite what you think they are all slightly envious of the beautiful girl in the linen skirt painting on their streets and beaches! i'm glad your loving it there.

p.s. bethany how could we forget "Bethany Blue" i will be forever looking for that color of blue to remind me of you!

Katie said...

man, laura, you write so beautifully. of course they like you.

Maren said...

Sounds like you're livin' the dream.

I have to tell you that a while ago I put your "black bottom cupcake" recipe in my "someday I'll make this" recipe collection, hoping that someday would roll around soon. Well last week I needed a tasty treat for a birthday party and they turned out great! Thanks for sharing.

Will you post more of your paintings? And don't worry- I think they're intimidated by your whiteness or redness or whatever color you are today.