24 July 2009

Trinidad & Tobago

Been in Trinidad this past week. Port of Spain to be exact. It's the NYC of the Caribbean. Hustling and bustling. Busier than St. Lucia, to be sure. I'm still painting, still studying Derek Walcott.

Seeing things every day that change my life-- scarlet ibises flying into trees at dusk and abandoned beaches. I want to paint them all.

But, seeing beautiful things far away makes me keenly aware of the beautiful things close to home. Can't wait to paint them as well.

On to Tobago on Tuesday.


Marilyn Lewis said...

What an adventure you're living! I think our jaunt to Black Canyon Reservoir in Emmett, Idaho will be quite boring for you! It will be fun to see you anyway even for just one night!

Caitlin said...

Come home and paint me!

Mel said...

So didn't really know that you could paint....That is awesome! Hope things are good. We miss you! BTW