19 August 2009

Just Passing

I love glimpses of conversations that happen in passing.

I love the hellos and the keep-goings and the you're-almost-theres that happen when you pass people going up a trail while you're coming down.

I keep thinking about a man in a bookstore in Portland. He was sitting on the floor in front of a shelf of Billy Collins' poetry with an open book in his lap. I was walking down the row. I said, "You love Billy Collins too?" He said, "I've never read him 'til now." And I said, "He'll be your favorite. He's mine. Enjoy." And I kept walking down the row as he said, "I will."

Moments like that make life great. The moments where you and a stranger happen to be in the same place at the same time and you say hello because you're sharing the same experience. Whether the experience is a hike or a bookstore or a long grocery shopping line.

My blog is approximately 13 months old. And millions of other blogs are created daily. I love blogs. I love that blogs are merely glimpses of conversation that happen in passing. It's strangers that happen to be in the same place at the same time and you say hello because you're sharing the same experience.

So today, to you, I say hello. I'm just passing by. Isn't it hot outside? Can you believe summer is almost over? Don't you love baseball games in the summer time?

You're almost there. And you'll love Billy Collins.


Kathleen Ryan said...

Love your post, Laura. Glimpses of conversation are wonderful.
I'm a big fan of Billy's, too, and have been so fortunate to meet him during several writers conferences here in New York and Southampton. I chatted with him briefly at the tribute evening for Frank McCourt on 7/24. Billy and Frank were very good friends, and Frank's loss is a tremendous one. I was lucky to have known Frank, too, and be a student in his memoir writing workshop, an experience I'll always treasure.
It's amazing when I meet people who have never read Billy Collins; they are missing out! No wonder that man you passed was sitting down, reading Billy's work. It stops you in your tracks, it's so good!
Enjoy these fleeting days of summer!
You're a wonderful writer, Laura - Keep up the good work!

Marilyn Lewis said...

I love your insights Laura! You make me smile and make me think!

Carolina said...

you're just great! i love stopping by and finding these little treasures of yours. thanks for sharing part of those conversations. you are great.
p.s. it is too hot and i can't believe summer is almost gone. it feels like we're always almost there, from one step to the next. always learning! :)

Katie said...

hello to you too, laura. welcome back to utah.

alison said...

i love your blog laura