24 September 2009

Eat Cookies and Sleep Well

Thursdays call for some sort of celebration. Obviously. Uh, welcome to my blog. A blog that I may or may not write on regularly. I like to keep you (and me) on edge. Will I or will I not write today? It’s a mystery. Let’s dissolve the mystery today, for Thursday’s sake. I’m writing today. No mystery this morning. You may or may not appreciate this method of celebration.

I have a theory. You always need to have something to celebrate. You always need to be doing something to celebrate. My sister says that that is how she falls asleep. She thinks about the next day and what she’s looking forward to—what she’s looking forward to celebrating. And she sleeps in peace.

Celebrating is natural. Do it.

Last week was a hard week, for a whole lot of unexplainable reasons that seem silly now. Isn’t that how it always is? It was a hard week until I remembered my theory. I remembered that celebration is necessary. So I decided this week to celebrate. All the time.

I’m celebrating the completion of a long day with 30 pages in a book club novel. I’m celebrating three hours of studying for a test with a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. I’m going to the museum of art during my break between classes to celebrate the end of class. I’m cooking and reading and writing and doing art—all in celebration. It breaks up the routine, the monotony, the stress, the frustration. Can I tell you how much better this week has been? Please? I want to tell you because it’s been that much better.

Come to my house today and I’ll make you cookies with the leftover dough. And we’ll listen to good music while sitting on my counter. It’ll be our Thursday celebration because I’m aware that we need more than one more blog post in the universe of blog posts to sufficiently celebrate today. Blog posts don’t cut it. Cookies do.

And with that, we’ll sleep in peace, which actually has its drawbacks. Peaceful sleeping equals easy snoozing and no watermelons or chocolate. Needless to say, but I’m still going to say it, in all my celebrating I find myself still snoozing.

But don't you worry, when I stop snoozing, I'll celebrate that too.

Note: I appreciate all those who emailed and commented with advice on my snoozing problem. Wow. We need to start a snoozer’s anonymous group. I will join. And then, all of you who have gotten through the snooze problem can sit and share your success stories while we sit in a circle holding hands. It’ll help me, I know it. In fact, symbolically holding hands with all you snoozers out there has already helped.

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Becca Edwards said...

I am giving in. I am leaving a comment. For the past year I have just wanted to be a secret viewer. Yes, that sounds a little stockerish but it is true. I finally have decided that you deserve to know how I feel about your blog.

Laura you are an incredible writer! Have you ever seen You've Got Mail? It is my favorite movie. I love the emails that Meg Ryan sends to Tom Hanks. She makes everything, even freshly sharpened pencils, sound good with the way she writes. When I read your blogs I hear voice. Again, yes that could be considered stockerish but, I swear it is just because I have seen that movie many times.

When I need a break from school, work, BYUSA, life... I read your blog. Thank you Laura, for giving me something to celebrate with!

You are amazing and I hope that life is treating you well on this thursday night.