19 February 2010

It's been declared.

I'm declaring this February-- the one that I'm currently living in-- great. As in, this is a great February-- meaning better than most Februaries. Presumptuous of me, I know, seeing as it's not even over yet. I just like it. That's all.

Don't miss your cue. This is your cue to roll your eyes and think-- ugh, those engaged people are so... they're so... just so happy all the time. Gag.}

There are lots of reasons I shouldn't be happy: It's winter and cold. I have a blister on my foot. Oh, and a corn on my foot. See this description of my ugly feet. I don't get enough sleep or enough breakfasts each week. We had a misunderstanding and I overreacted. I often overreact. I am trying not to overreact and I fail which means I feel like a failure. My room is infested with ants, but I still want to keep my open chocolate bar in my room for late-night snacking. Did I mention that it's still winter? I'm trying to plan a wedding but I lack focus and lack desire for a big, official wedding reception. I keep switching what I want. And I have little time to execute what I want because I'm doing school and work.

But it's a still great February. The greatest of Februaries-- and it's not what you think. It's not that I'm engaged, although being in love might have something to do with it-- actually, a lot to do with it. And the Olympics are so awesome. Delicious food is too. Places I've eaten this month: here, here, here, here. Food is my weakness; my poor bank account. Pun intended. New shoes for Valentine's Day are happy (despite the blister). I have a wedding dress-- hint: J.Crew silk tricotine Cecelia. I love to try it on and listen to it swish. I'm planning an overdue Scrabble club meeting. I haven't gotten a parking ticket this month. I started playing the piano again. I have plans to paint more often. And, um, I have a permanent best friend. And actually, it's been a rather mild winter this February.


Katie H said...

ok so the other day I was looking at wedding dresses (not for any particular reason... girls just do that) and I thought to myself, "I HATE wedding dresses; they're all so ugly! But if anyone would be able to find a good one, it would be Laura." It's true, I thought that. And you have not disappointed me. I'm so happy for you!

k&b said...

i love you Laura ~ thank you, smile on my lips this morning!

From the same mold, or what?
we had a dance party here Sat/keep chocolate unwrapped/relish scrumptious food/swish around my bedroom when i should be planning "weddings"/you and he and your Polaroid love are welcome anytime in our Jersey guest room.
and yes, your dress is perfect, looked it up. Elegant minimalism. Your wedding will be the same.
here's to the ants and blistered feet: they make the swish swish/cacao crumbs in bedroom all the more heavenly!
Bon Courage!