17 March 2010

St. Patrick Would Probably Like a Bluetooth and an African Shirt

Confession: I'm in class right now. We're talking about Harold Bluetooth, one of the first Vikings to accept Christianity. It makes me think that we should have a St. Bluetooth day, just like have a St. Patrick's day. However, instead of wearing green, we'll all plug into our bluetooth.

Confession: I forgot to wear green today, but luckily my shirt has splotches of ugly green in a strange African motif. This little description of my shirt (instances of ugly green in an African motif?) makes me wonder why I ever wear this shirt. Especially on St. Patrick's day.


Julianne said...

Laura - you are fun. And I know just the shirt you are speaking of. I like it! You can get away with anything!

xiaopywsp said...

God, you post it so good ~~

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