09 March 2010

A Little Peek

Thanks Jessica. We're so excited.


Tracy said...

These are beautiful!

Amy said...

Oh La, these are awesome!! You are so gorgeous!!! You guys really make a cute couple!!

whit said...

Love the pictures. Can't wait to see them all.

Lisa Shumway said...

What cute pictures! I'm so excited for you.
Also, Brad is going to go to Midwestern this fall and I'm wanting to talk to Julianne about Glendale.
Could I get a phone # or something?
Thanks, hope you are doing well.

Chels said...

I just checked out all your pictures and they are gorgeous! You guys are so perfect :) Congratulations!

Caity Grether said...


k&b said...

I will be in UT for your beautiful day; please love, send me an announcement!
196 Main St
Flemington NJ